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Is this Program for me?

Whether you are the Head of Resilience, the Head of Security & Crisis Management, or the Head of Crisis Management & Business Continuity (titles will vary between organizations), this Program is for you as long as you deal with incidents and crises on a regular basis!

We hand-pick 25 participants to make sure that you will learn from your peers and grow from the wide variety of profiles.

This Program has been tailored for "Resilience" leaders who want to learn new tools, innovate and challenge the status quo.


>>> This Program is NOT for you if you want to learn everything about ISO Standards and other compliance regulations ;-)


How is this different than any other online crisis management/resilience program I could take?

Simply put, there is no such Workshop out there at the moment!

The COVID is forcing our industry to pivot. This is the reason why this Workshop has been created.


Will this Program increase my leadership and visibility within my business?

Sure, it will! We promise you will leave the Workshop with atypical tools that will make you stand out and achieve more, faster. Your teams and colleagues will love it!


This isn't the right time for me... will you start another WORKSHOP again soon?

Given that 2021 is coming to an end, we highly encourage you to attend this one now as you will get some powerful tools to kick 2022 off. Also, this topic is especially relevant to plan the year ahead!


How does the WORKSHOP work?

During three, or four, days (depending on the Option your chose), we will meet virtually on Zoom for no more than one (1) hour. We will teach and most importantly, we will interact. So, please, prepare you “resilience” notepad and pen to write along!


How long is each session?

Each Session will last one (1) hour.


What if I cannot attend the live Zoom SESSIONS?

We would highly encourage you to attend each Session live because each Session will be interactive. You will learn from others and others will learn from you. You will then make the most of your Workshop! However, you are absolutely allowed to watch the recording of each Session if your agenda does not allow you to attend them all.

>>> Please, do not let it deter you if you need to complete the Sessions on your own time.


When and how long will I have access to the recorded Zoom Modules?


The Zoom Sessions recording will be available immediately after the Session ends.

All three (3) Sessions will be available to you and accessible with a password.


Do I need internet to listen to the recorded Zoom Modules?


If you save the recorded Sessions on your PC or your phone, it will remain available for you offline and will not require an Internet connection. Your will be able to listen to them on the subway where there is no network!


do I prepare for each Module?


Before Module 1, you will receive a questionnaire so that we better understand where you are on this topic! This will give you an opportunity to prepare your questions and be ready to learn more about you already do intuitively!

After Module 1, there will be some mild homework (no more than 30 minutes, we promise!) to do between each Module, so you leverage the learning from one Module to the next, until Module 5, where you will tie everything together!


Will I have the opportunity for feedback during the Program?


You will have an opportunity for feedback throughout the Sessions.


What should I do if I cannot pay the entire cost of the Program at once?

You can pay in full or in two (2) monthly payments. Check out the Pricing Plans page.

>>> If you chose the payment plan, the second payment is due 30 days after the first installment.

In all cases, invoices can be sent to you if necessary.

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