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dynamic presentations
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Alexandra is the CEO of Crisis Ally, a company that helps Crisis Leaders and their teams build the right capabilities to thrive through crises.

For the past three years, Alexandra has found that engaging with her peers across the world through public speaking was yet another great way to learn, network, and discuss about resilience-related topics!

Alexandra's career in the Security & Resilience Industry started right after 9/11 in the United States. Since then, thanks to a career with large international corporations and the French Intelligence Services, Alexandra has developed a rich operational and multicultural experience base with strong expertise in Business Resilience, its boosting factors, and best practices to manage it.

Alexandra is regularly interviewed in the print media and podcasts to discuss resilience topics, including Authority Magazine, Business Insider, or Thrive Global. She also writes for ASIS Security Management Magazine and the Crisis Response Journal.

Alexandra has an LLB in Criminal Law from Paris University, France, an M.Sc. in Corporate Security from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Alexandra is also a Certified Coach, trained in Neurosciences, and a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Last but not least, Alexandra is a proud mom of two beautiful young children!

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Topics we love to talk about

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What our clients are saying



"Thank you Alexandra for your support and the part you played in making the Travel Optimisation Management Summit 2024 such a success! The feedback on the table-top has been excellent."

Simon CRANE - AHNA - The Travel Optimization Summit

"I just want to say how brilliant the conference was, it was really inspiring to hear you talk about leadership and I fully endorse the skills you identify as key for leadership."

Anonymous - Crisis Ally Conference

“It was a very well-timed course as I seem to live in a world of crisis as a Security Business owner. I liked the part on Emotional intelligence being at the heart of crisis management.”

Derek RADOSKI - TIC Security " The Integration Company" - GSX+

“Alexandra has a really special insight into emotional resilience in crises. this comes from a truly valuable combination of hands-on experience and a high-level understanding of the application of the theory behind it. Alexandra's passion for bringing this issue to light, and to a far wider audience than just seasoned crisis management professionals, is both commendable and desperately needed. Alexandra's presentation this afternoon reflected all of that, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending her for specialist advisory support, development and organizational coaching in this field.”

Ben HOCKMAN - Immersive Labs - ASIS UK Chapter

“Great concept, great speaker, great use of interactive elements.
Others should take notice - an hour well spent! Thank you!”

Anonymous - ISRM Women in Security

“Wonderful presentation at GSX this morning - thank you! It absolutely met my objectives. The keywords for each step of the process are going to help me retain the information. Having the one sentence to repeat is perfect; that and the grounding recommendations connect the techniques to my existing daily meditation practice and makes them all the more usable.”

Jane HOZIER - The Human Intelligence Group - GSX+

“Great presentation today. I loved your leadership!!”

Frédéric MAURON, Holcim - ASIS Switzerland Chapter


from effective crisis leadership to affective crisis leadership


  • Understand the 3 C's of Resilience and the role of our emotions during crises.

  • Engage participants in a self-reflection around the question of leadership during crises today.

  • Provide tools to sharpen attendees' emotional intelligence in a constantly changing environment.


staying relevant: the role of diversity


  • Explore what "diversity" means. 

  • Understand how to leverage "diversity" as a key enabler to connect better and deeper with our stakeholders.

  • Discuss how "diversity" allows us to work around our cognitive biases and build trust.


How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Our Decisions In A Crisis


  • Understand the decision-making process in complex environments.

  • Engage participants in a self-reflection around cognitive biases and polarities.

  • Provide tools to help attendees make more informed choices during crises.

Draw in your audience


Engage and make sure your attendees remember what they heard and discussed with incredible and unique strategic illustrations!

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Committed to making each event relevant to YOU and your audience.

Available for virtual and in-person speaking engagements

We're committed to engage our audiences and provide a dynamic and informative learning environment.

Alexandra only gives one conference per month.

Connect with us soon to discuss your upcoming event!  

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