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Montagnes dans les nuages
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From Operational Expertise to Resilient Leadership.

Join the 5-week program

A 5-week Program specially designed for MANAGERS


  • learn a framework to better structure their approach both technically and emotionally

  • go the extra mile when managing crises

  • directly and positively impact their people, processes and operations

  • learn to simplify a complex system

  • get effective tools to help their business / company navigate through crises with agility and decisiveness


"Today, I don’t think there is one single business or company out there who can say it has not been impacted by the COVID crisis, one way or the other. Even the thriving businesses have had to overcome Safety or HR-related issues (at the minimum!), and still have to deal with the global crisis. 

So, now is the perfect time to deep dive into the complexity of business resilience and understand what is it made of in order to outsmart the curveballs!"

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This training is for you if:

  • You are a business (small, medium or large!) owner who deals with crises day in and day out, and you want to learn the Essentials about the complexity of crises

  • You are an expert (formerly trained or not, it does not matter) at dealing with crises and want to go one step further to build a strong strategy for your company

  • You are confused about all this crazy & siloed jargon you read and hear about every day: resilience, crisis management, business continuity, contingency planning, disaster recovery…

  • You are confused as to which processes and tools to use for your industry

  • You struggle managing crises but don’t quite understand why

  • You want to have clarity on your crisis management metrics (yes, you can build a metrics system for this too!)

  • Your teams, colleagues, partners don’t seem to be as responsive and/or motivated by your decisions as you’d like them to be

  • You feel exhausted throughout the entire process

  • Responding to crises takes so much of your time

  • You lack clarity on why you seem to be repeating the same mistakes over and over again

  • You feel your communication and/or escalation process during crises is not smooth enough

  • You see your Crisis team members struggle owning their roles and responsibilities

  • You move through crises, but you see your existing crisis management process could be more efficient


This Program is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn about ISO standards and any other existing framework – Although the existing framework and standards are a necessary evil, we believe they are not enough and leave aside the most critical aspect of any crisis: the People and what they are made of!

  • You are dying to learn more about compliance matters on this topic – We believe in leading and managing crises for the people not for compliance reasons! We know that setting the right intention makes the whole difference

Tuition: 1790€

Join the 5-week program

About Alexandra Hoffmann

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Throughout her career, Alexandra has developed crisis management and resilience tools that have helped her customers get clarity on complex situations, engage teams, and elevate decision-makers leadership.


Alexandra has twenty years of:

  • Leading dozens of high-profile crises and incidents for various industries.

  • Coaching various Top-level executives through crises.

  • Training several Executive Teams and Crisis Management Teams on Resilience-related topics, including Security, Crisis Management, and Business Continuity.

  • Managing, mentoring & training multi-cultural teams of up to 200+ men and women across various countries.

  • Developing and implementing numerous Policies and Processes to improve and foster resilience across major industrial brands.

  • Designing and delivering multiple corporate-wide projects (Lean Six Sigma Approach).


Alexandra has an LLB in Criminal Law, an M.Sc. in Criminal Justice & Police Science in France, and an M.Sc. in Corporate Security from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

Alexandra is also a Certified Coach from Transformance Pro in Paris, France.

As a Certified Yoga Teacher, she also gives pro bono yoga classes to SWAT units of the French police.

What ​will you receive during this program?


  • 1:1 session with Alexandra Hoffmann - 60 minutes to answer questions and receive feedback

  • ​Weekly interactive live with Q&A – 1-hour each Module


  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for 3 months with an active community and possible exchanges with myself & other members of the Program to discuss issues and best practices (pay an additional €29/month to keep having access to the Community at the end of the 3 months)​

  • ​​Weekly exercises & Takeaways tools – max 30 minutes / week


  • Modules / 7-week Program – 1 Module every week​​

Tuition: 1790€

Join the 5-week program

1/ Build your Expertise in Business Resilience – Crises Management 101


Understand and grow your technical expertise in Business Resilience, the corner stone of an efficient crisis management: learn about the various elements of Crisis Management (planning, responding, recovering, triggers, escalation, teams, business continuity, etc.) to have better visibility on the complexity of a Crisis and be able to respond to crisis more efficiently operationally.

2/ Understand your Emotions – Planning is nothing, People are everything


Deep dive into the emotion intricacies! Emotional self-awareness is the first quadrant of your Emotional Intelligence. Understanding your emotions and what triggers them will give you the tools to better control them during crises.

3/ Manage your Stress – Be more Intelligent than your Brain!


Educate yourself on the basics of Neurosciences and learn practical tools to control your stress level, which will have a direct impact on your behaviors and your interactions with others during crises (and outside of crises!).

4/ Strengthen your Soft Skills – Behavior-based Leadership


Learn some tools to better understand your colleagues, managers, teams, partners… and build a behavior-based leadership (instead of an operational or technical-based leadership!)

5/ Build a Resilient Company – Understand your System of Systems & Measure your Achievement!


This last Module ties everything together. Crises are complex systems made of different systems. Zooming out will make you go the extra mile to strengthen your leadership and manage your business crises operationally. You will end the Program with key takeaways to always thrive in a constantly changing environment and actually measure it!

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Wonderful presentation at GSX this morning - thank you! It absolutely met my objectives. The keywords for each step of the process are going to help me retain the information. Having the one sentence to repeat is perfect; that and the grounding recommendations connect the techniques to my existing daily meditation practice and makes them all the more usable.” 


—  Jane Hozier, PSP, PCI, ICPS, Assistant Director,

Operations and Analysis at THE HUMAN INTELLIGENCE GROUP

// Is this Program for me?

Whether you are a small/medium/large business owner, or a Crisis Management expert, this Program is for you as long as you deal with incidents and crises on a regular basis at work! Believe me, we will all learn from each other and grow from our diversity of experiences.

This Program has been tailored for street-smart crisis managers and leaders who want to own and be accountable for their crises planning, response and recovery.


>>> This Program is NOT for you if you want to learn everything about ISO Standards and other compliance regulations in details.


// How is this different than any other online crisis management/resilience program I could take?


There is no such program out there at the moment! The COVID is forcing our industry to pivot. This is the reason why this Program has been created now. So, you should use this opportunity to learn something new that will allow you to grow both professionally and personally now.


// Will this Program increase my leadership and visibility within my business?

Sure, it will! We promise you will leave the Program with atypical tools that will make you stand out and achieve more, faster. Your teams and colleagues will love it!


// This isn't the right time for me... will you start another course again soon?


Given the global ongoing circumstances, we highly encourage you to attend this one now as you will get some powerful tools to navigate the current uncertainty. However, yes, there will be futures dates later in 2021.


// Will you offer a similar Program in French?

Yes – it is on its way and will start early 2021 for our street-smart French crises managers and leaders!


// Will I be able to get your feedback on the way I typically manage crises within my business/company?

This Program includes a 1-hour session with us to discuss your current Crisis Management program and answer your questions.


// Will I be certified at the end of the Program?

Upon successful completion of the Program and “homeworks”, you will receive a certificate of completion.

The Program is intended to support you in making your business / company thrive during crises. When you have completed the Program, you may utilize any of the tools provided to you in your daily operations.


// How does the program work?

During five (5) weeks, we will meet virtually on Zoom for no more than one (1) hour. We will teach and most importantly, we will interact. So, please, prepare you “resilience” notepad and pen to write along!


// How long is each session?

Each Module will last one (1) hour.


// What if I cannot attend the live Zoom Modules?

We would highly encourage you to attend each Module live because each Module will be highly interactive. You will learn from others and others will learn from you. You will then make the most of your Program!

However, you are absolutely allowed to watch the recording of each Module if your agenda does not allow you to attend them all.

>>> Please, do not let it deter you if you need to complete the classes on your own time.


// When and how long will I have access to the recorded Zoom Modules?


The Zoom Modules recording will be available immediately after the Module ends.

All five (5) Modules will be available to you on a dedicated platform forever and accessible with a password.


// Do I need internet to listen to the recorded Zoom Modules?


If you save the recorded Modules on your PC or your phone, it will remain available for you offline and will not require an Internet connection. Your will be able to listen to them on the subway where there is no network!


// How do I prepare for each Module?


Before Module 1, you will receive a questionnaire so that we better understand where you are on this topic! This will give you an opportunity to prepare your questions and be ready to learn more about you already do intuitively!

After Module 1, there will be some mild homework (no more than 30 minutes, we promise!) to do between each Module, so you leverage the learning from one Module to the next, until Module 5, where you will tie everything together!


// Will I have the opportunity for feedback during the Program?


You will have an opportunity for feedback throughout the Modules, and most importantly during our 1:1 session.


// What should I do if I cannot pay the entire cost of the Program at once?


You can pay once €1,799, or in two (2) monthly payments of €999 (the second one is due before Module 1 starts).


>>> Registration starts a month and a half before the Module, so the second payment is due before the Module starts.


The Zoom Link shall only be provided upon completion of the second payment.

Tuition: 1790€

Join the 5-week program


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